EMBA tutoring seminars


Your personal study advisor, your tutor, supports you during your Executive MBA studies. He or she assists you in all matters related to your studies. You advisor will advice you in questions related to the progress of your studies, schedules, study attainments, changing your study plan and literature studies. The advisor also guides you during your final project. The advisors are study supports and partners committed to serve each student’s individual needs.

Along with your personal study advisor, you will have the support of the whole Avance staff. The professors and researchers of the School of Business and Economics also support you in the completion of your EMBA thesis with their expertise.


In the seminars you will become familiar with the work forms of your studies and particularly the key questions concerning the completion of your EMBA thesis. The seminar series is designed to provide you with new points of view and skills to help you achieve top performances in the EMBA programme.  

  • EMBA learning goals and working methods, e-learning seminar
    1 ECTS cr.

This EMBA e-learning seminar focuses on learning as a manager and increasing your expertise. The goal is to find a personal approach to what learning as a manager and improving your functional ability can be. The aim is to provide new viewpoints to the EMBA, its work forms and self-development. The outcome is a personal EMBA learning strategy, which is a structured plan of your personal learning path, including specified work forms. In the seminar you will also practice fluent writing. Producing professionally credible text is one of the valuable skills that you will learn in the university-level EMBA studies. We recommend you complete this seminar at the beginning of your EMBA studies.

  • EMBA Academic writing, e-learning seminar, 1 ECTS cr.

This e-learning seminar examines the role of writing as a part of the learning experience. You can take the course at any time, at your own pace. In the seminar you will explore the writing techniques and different text types as well as special features related to the thesis. We recommend you complete this seminar at the beginning or middle stage of your EMBA studies. 

  • Planning the EMBA final project, 2 ECTS cr.

The seminar introduces you to the concrete skills needed to complete the EMBA thesis. The themes of the seminar include e.g. selecting the topic and setting a goal for the thesis. The seminar also addresses information retrieval and data collection. One of the overarching themes is finding your personal approach to using the final project as a means of developing your management and organisation. We look at the methodologies of successful EMBA theses as case examples. You will devise a proposal of the thesis, or even a couple of alternatives with different topics. We recommend you complete this seminar at the beginning or middle stage of your EMBA studies. 

  • EMBA final project seminar, 2 ECTS cr.

In the seminar we will present and steer ongoing EMBA theses. Each participant holds a small presentation of their research project at the seminar. It is a wonderful opportunity to receive the advisors’ and fellow students’ comments and tips for your project and hear about the research projects of other participants. It does not matter if you are only getting started with your thesis, as you can talk about your research proposal. The seminar also provides information and tips on the different methodologies of the thesis. We recommend you take this seminar at the middle stage of your studies.