EMBA Strategies of Excellence

Strengthen your strategic management skills and develop your company´s operations.


EMBA Strategies of Excellence is an impressive management programme, where you strengthen your strategic management skills and develop your organisation.

In the EMBA Strategies of Excellence programme you will examine the challenges and success factors of your business. The programme is aimed at managers, supervisors and those working in challenging expert tasks who want to develop themselves and their companies with a goal-oriented attitude. As the name suggests, the programme searches for keys to success in the participant´s own leadership and in the operations of the organisation. The programme is taught in Finnish.

In the EMBA Strategies of Excellence programme you will

  • strengthen your strategic management skills
  • analyse future challenges facing you at management work
  • understand the success factors of your organisation in the present and in the future
  • network with managers and experts from different industries

Strengthen your management skills in all fields of business management

In the EMBA Strategies of Excellence programme you will develop your management skills comprehensively in different areas of business management. You will put the themed seminar sessions and the new insights you gained from the expert lectures into practice with the help of related seminar assignments after each seminar. During the programme you will deepen your knowledge on the following topics:

  • Strategic Management
  • Financial Management
  • Management in exceptional situations, Responsible Management & Process Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Knowledge Management, Human Resource Management
  • Management communication and interaction
  • International Management
  • Self Management, Management Ethics

Truly practical management programme

In the programme you study and work interactively, and the contents of expert lectures will be processed with different working methods during the seminar days as well as between the study periods. You will link all of the assignments strongly to your own organisation and to your work tasks.

I gained a lot more knowledge, an extensive material bank and concrete, successfully implemented development procedures, and thus self-confidence to my own leadership

A wide network of management expertise at your disposal

The programme consists mainly of seminars held in Southern Finland, where you will network with the programme experts and participants representing a range of different fields and industries. By the end of the programme your professional network will have expanded by dozens of new contacts.

It has been a privilege to get to know strong specialists from different industries. I know that I can rely on this network in the future in various professional questions

Strategies of Excellence development assignment will bring added value for your organisation

A significant part of the Strategies of Excellence programme is the development assignment, that is closely linked to your business and managerial duties. The assignment can be a wide-ranging development review where you discuss the main themes of your organisation´s development. It can also be a more specific project where you focus on only one theme central to your business. The seminars, business management readings and particularly the guidance and coaching you receive throughout your studies support you in the development project.

During the programme you will

  • get strong knowledge on modern business management
  • build and strengthen your management competence in all different areas of management
  • deepen your strategic thinking and working
  • pursue a practice-oriented development project based on the starting points of your organisation
  • network with participants from different fields and industries
  • get new ideas from our experts' presentations as well as from the discussions and group assignments with other participants

    Biggest lessons have been a better visualization and understanding of entities from above. In a way I feel like I have gone up one floor

Programme timetables

I period   23. - 25.10.2024, Jyväskylä
II period  19. - 20.11.2024, Tampere
III period 17. - 18.12.2024, Tampere
IV period 14. - 15.01.2025, Helsinki
V period  11. - 12.02.2025 Helsinki
VI period 11. - 12.03.2025, Helsinki
VII period 07. - 12.04.2025 Barcelona
VIII period 22. - 23.05.2025, Porvoo

Scope of EMBA Strategies of Excellence programme

With all the modes of study included, the total scope of the programme is 30 ECTS credits of AMBA, AACSB and BGA-accredited Executive MBA studies of University of Jyväskylä. After completing the programme you will receive a certificate including an evaluation.

You can choose whether to take the programme as an individual entity or to include it in your Executive MBA studies. You are free to make the decision after completing the programme. All credits are transferred to the EMBA studies.

Programme fee

The fee of the EMBA Strategies of Excellence programme is €9900 + 24% VAT. It includes the seminars and their teaching materials, feedback on the essays, guidance in the project and the conference packages of the seminars in Finland. The fee does not include the personal readings, travel costs or accommodation. The estimated travel and accommodation costs of the international seminar are approx. 1500 euros.

The programme fee is invoiced in two installments: first installment €4200 (+24% VAT) is due after the start of the programme in October and second installment €5700 (+24% VAT) in February next year.

Customer experiences on Strategies of Excellence programme:

  • "I have been able to apply what I have learned immediately to practice in my own job. This has opened up new dimensions to the development of our operations."
  • "Strategies of Excellence has been an amazing journey and a brilliant cross section to the world of management."
  • ”I have definitely deepened my strategic thinking during the programme. The EMBA studies took me to a whole new level as a manager."
  • "Intertwining the education and all the materials to the organisation´s strategy has been inspiring. A whole new world has opened up to me."
  • "It´s been a privilege to get to know strong specialists in different industries. I know that I can rely on this network in the future in various professional questions."
  • "The best part of the programme, besides the excellent experts, has been learning from other participants. I have learned a lot from discussions with other participants and also received confirmation on my own views."
  • "My own identity as a leader has strengthened."
  • "All in all a top-notch education. I am happy that I chose the MBA programme in Jyväskylä"


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