EMBA Psychodynamics of Leadership

– Unique journey to leader's self-knowledge


In the EMBA Psychodynamics of Leadership programme you will gain deeper self-knowledge and examine your professional identity. The goal is to promote the use of your own personality in managerial duties and challenges. The programme is taught in Finnish.

A programme every leader should attend

EMBA Psychodynamics of Leadership programme

  • gives you a chance to examine and reform yourself and your management
  • deepens your understanding of the phenomena of human behavior and management
  • prepares you for challenging interpersonal communications in working life

The programme creates a way for you to improve your self-knowledge, self-understanding and self-appreciation. You obtain means to understand the phenomena of the management world and build a solid foundation for making observations and for organising and processing them in your work. You will learn ways to express, receive and understand your experiences and opinions in a constructive way.

Programme contents

The programme contains three two-day contact teaching seminars (six days in total). The main mode of study is small-group work, where you have a unique opportunity to observe yourself as a person and a leader. In the group you will enter the field of management at several experiential levels. The group is a place where you can share the challenges of management, listen to others and be there for them. Each small group is lead by an experienced psychologist or psychotherapist. 

I think it´s good that the programme deals with real difficult situations;  nowhere else can you get such a good guidance on understanding yourself, and thereby on leading

Under the guidance of the group leaders you will learn to recognize and understand the dynamic processes of working life and to apply what you have learned in your daily duties. Sharing peer experiences and learning from other participants is the essence of the programme. The expert lectures provide stimuli and ideas to self-leadership and management of work. You keep internalizing and processing what you have learned in the contact teaching sessions by writing a learning journal.

EMBA Psychodynamics of Leadership seminars

Seminar 1: Management and emotions, 2 days
Seminar 2: Self-leadership, 2 days
Seminar 3: Coping at work, stress management and leadership, 2 days

All contact teaching sessions are held in Jyväskylä.

Customer experiences on Psychodynamics of Leadership-programme:

  • "I gained confidence in my leadership"
  • "I got the opportunity to unwind, concentrate and listen to new views and thoughts of amazing colleagues"
  • "I understand the factors that influence on the behavior of people, and what it means in me"
  • "My courage to act in difficult situations and the means to do so have increased"
  • "The programme provided me with new ways to process and observe different things"
  • "The small group worked really well and I got help for all the cases that I had been processing"
  • "I gained new perspectives for work and also for my personal life"
  • "Management of supervisor duties, time management, examples and peer support from others to superior–subordinate relationships"
  • "I recognize my feelings and behavior better than before"

Programme fee

The fee of the programme is €3 700 + 24% VAT. It includes the seminars, teaching materials and conference packages of the seminars. Travel and accommodation expenses, as well as the possible literature are not included in the price. The fee is invoiced after the start of the programme.

The scope of the programme is 5 ECTS credits of AMBA (Association of MBAs), AACSB and BGA-accredited University of Jyväskylä Executive MBA studies. You can also complete the programme as an independent module.

Psychodynamics of Leadership is a highly effective executive education programme. Welcome!

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Tiina Nygrén, Programme Coordinator
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Sirpa Koponen, Programme Director
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