Executive MBA Final Project 20 ECTS

EMBA yhteiset ohjelmat EMBA valinnaiset ohjelmat EMBA lopputyö

The Executive MBA studies culminate in the EMBA final project. The EMBA final projects usually put strong emphasis on the future. You gain significant new points of view to the development of your business and organisation. For the last few years the most popular topics of EMBA final projects have been strategy, management, customer relationships and digitalisation. The project is planned carefully and you will receive strong support and guidance for its implementation.

Added value to your business

The EMBA final project will maximize the benefits of your studies for you and your company. The EMBA final projects typically provide such development outcomes that should they be sought from external consultants their costs would exceed the whole EMBA tuition fee. The most important point, though, is that the project is an investment in the participant's learning. This has been verified in the impact study of EMBA final projects.

The EMBA final projects are confidential and will not be published or disclosed to a third party. This also applies to other materials produced during the EMBA studies.