Executive MBA – flexibly alongside work

Promoting your and your company's development

Internationally accredited University of Jyväskylä Executive MBA is an inspiring journey to learning that provides the participants with higher level leadership skills.

The total scope of the Executive MBA programme is 100 credits. The programme is designed to be completed alongside work. Your studies will be linked to your work and company from start to finish and benefit your job from the get-go. JYU EMBA programme is taught in Finnish. 

Executive MBA studies consist of

Strengths of the EMBA programme

1 You can immediately utilize what you have learned
The studies combine both theory and practice – you will get ideas and visions that can be taken to practice right away. Diverse, activating study modes help you to apply things you have learned directly to your daily duties. All development assignments and projects will be closely connected to your own organisation.

2 You can study flexibly
You study alongside work and the study schedule will adapt to your work and personal life. You can include modules that are most important to you in your personal curriculum – you decide the topics, which you want to devote your time to. It is possible to complete the programme in two years but you have five years' time to do it, if needed.

3 You will improve yourself and your company
The programme will boost your expertise and management skills. You will also get support for self-management. As your expertise grows, you will be able to undertake new and more challenging assignments. The practical development assignments, and especially your EMBA final project that you produce in the studies, ensure that your company will benefit, as well.

4 You can network
You will join a wide network of people from different fields and industries and meet other management experts. The invaluable network you build during the programme will benefit you also after your studies.

5 You will receive top-quality training
The Executive MBA programme of University of Jyväskylä is AMBAAACSB and BGA-accredited. These accreditations guarantee that you receive high quality business education recognized worldwide. Our Executive MBA is the only Finnish-taught MBA programme that has been AMBA accredited.

6  You have a personal study advisor
You will be appointed a personal study advisor who will support and coach you throughout your studies. The time allocated for tutoring is not limited – you will receive all the support you need to succeed in your studies.

Executive MBA – how do I apply?
Request a proposal of your personal EMBA curriculum to your email. Submit the curriculum and your CV together with your cover letter to the EMBA board. The board takes applications in March, June, September and December.

Please note that you can complete any individual programme in our course offering and decide later whether you would like to continue your studies in the EMBA programme. If you decide to do so, all earned credits will be transferred to the EMBA programme.
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