Health Care Management

Multi-professional executive education for health care professionals

Our health care is struggling with the sustainability gap. The aging population requires more care but there is not enough personnel or financial resources. We need strategic management, executive expertise as well as more efficiency and productivity. We must achieve more with fewer resources. We must develop new funding and production models and increase cooperation between the public and private sector. 

We invite you to the EMBA Heath Care Management programme to improve yourself and to discuss these themes with the experts in the field. The programme provides you with ways to

  • manage finances
  • deepen your strategic management
  • develop the operations of your organisation
  • improve your personal management skills

For whom?
For directors, chief physicians, specialists, doctors, nursing directors, head nurses, finance directors, heads of finance and experts in primary health care and specialized medical care as well as directors and professionals of health care working in the private sector.

Modes of study
The studies consist of four contact teaching seminars and the related assignments. The programme utilises a virtual learning environment, which makes active interaction between seminars possible.


The themes and modules of the programme

Management and Interaction 
Module 1, Jyväskylä
• Role of a leader and superior
• Interaction in work community
• Managing change and capacity to regenerate
• Change communication

Strategic Management
Module 2, Jyväskylä
• Strategic thinking
• Terminology and tools of strategic management
Process management 
Service innovations and productivity

Financial Management
Module 3, Jyväskylä
• Financial responsibilities and area calculation
• Budgeting 
• Cost accounting
• Capital expenditure plan
• Procurements

Law of employment
Module 4, Jyväskylä
• Risk management
• Crises
• Labour law

Programme scope and fee
The programme fee is €3,500 + 24% VAT. The fee includes the teaching, materials and coffee and lunch in the seminars. The fee is invoiced after the start of the programme.

The scope of the programme is 6 ECTS credits. You can complete the programme as part of the Executive MBA studies, MOJO training or as an independent module. The programme is taught in Finnish.

Contact us!

Sirpa Koponen, Programme Director 
tel. +358 40 836 8841