EMBA Leadership and Group Dynamics

– Things and changes are founded on people


Would you like to learn something new about yourself and your approach to leading groups, teams ad communities?

This programme relies heavily on experiential learning, and gives you the chance to observe yourself in your professional role. You will get to know and learn to understand and clarify the complexity of group and organisational lives as well as your leadership and your role in the activities of your work community.

Your classmates are your main instrument for learning and object of study. Our modes of study allow you to examine your own behavior and actions, especially from the perspective of a leader. The aim is to expand your self-knowledge and strengthen your identity as a leader. The programme is taught in Finnish.

Programme contents

Seminar 1: Individual and group
  • How do I lead group activity?
  • How do I lead individuals?
Seminar 2: Leadership
  • What is the role of leader of a community?
  • How do I lead a change process?
Seminar 3: Community
  • What is the basic task of the community I lead?
  • What is going on in the community?
  • Why does not my community function as I hope it would?

The training includes full board at Mänttä Club, Mänttä.

Modes of study

In the development assignment of the EMBA Leadership and Group Dynamics programme you will reflect on your experiences in a learning journal and read the course material (book + articles). Based on these exercises you will draft a plan of how to develop the group activity at your work.

Customer experiences


To me, the experiential learning method was a more natural way to learn than traditional learning. Towards a more aware presence!

  • "I learned better to understand the emotions that influence human behavior. I found the freedom to build my own leadership – from managing things to leading people – in a way that still keep the basic tasks and issues on the agenda."
  • "I have learned that you can show your emotions and talk about them. This is an amazing training module"
  • "I learned about the use of small and big groups in different situations, taking individual emotional states into account to enhance effective working and the importance of your own emotions and attitudes to getting work done." 
  • "During the course I have become aware of the phenomena of group dynamics – I have gained confidence and with it some key insights of myself as a leader and person. I am now better prepared to help my organisation to feel and function better."

Programme scope and fee 

The programme fee is €4 500 + 24% VAT. The fee includes the teaching in the seminars, teaching materials, supervision of the assignments and the meals and accommodation during the seminars. The fee will be invoiced after the start of the programme.

The scope of the programme is 6 ECTS credits of AMBA (Association of MBAs), AACSB and BGA-accredited University of Jyväskylä Executive MBA studies. You can also complete the programme as an independent module.

Contact us!

Jyrki Kauppinen, Programme Director
tel. +358 400 248 074

Päivi Sippo, Coordinator
tel. +358 50 431 4336