EMBA AI and Business Management

Recognize the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence

AI and business management

EMBA AI and Business Management programme explores the essence and key features of Artificial Intelligence. The programme focuses on possibilities to use AI and examines the current applications in different organisations. The course offers a setting to deepen participants´ understanding about the wide variety of using AI in organisations. The programme also challenges participants to examine and outline ways to use AI in their own organisations. The programme is held in Finnish.

As a programme participant you will:

  • Enrich your views about AI applications in organisations
  • Assess and analyse the AI development paths and possibilities in your own organisation
  • Examine AI from the perspective of leadership, organisational culture and development

Programme Contents

Seminar 1: AI in organisations - a big picture
  • AI and its developing role in organisations
  • AI in general, AI today and tomorrow
  • AI as a tool in organisations and in decision-making
Seminar 2: AI in action and cases in organisations
  • Possibilities and challenges of using AI in organisations
  • AI cases in organisations - lessons learned
  • AI cases in organisations - business development perspective
Seminar 3: AI - to me, to us. Now and in the future.
  • AI strategy
  • AI and ramifications for leadership and organisational culture
  • Outlining AI roadmap for the participant´s organisation

Programme scope and fee

The programme fee is €3,700 + 24% VAT. The fee includes the seminar teaching, teaching materials and supervision on the assignment as well as the conference packages of the seminars. Accommodation is not included. The fee is due after the start of the programme.

The scope of the programme is 6 ECTS credits of AMBA (Association of MBAs), AACSB and BGA-accredited University of Jyväskylä Executive MBA studies. You can also complete the programme as an independent module.

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