Customized Solutions

Education tailored to different organisations, networks or regions

We can design and deliver your company or organisation a tailored executive education programme of your chosen themes. During the process we will listen closely to your wishes and work together with you. The tailored programmes are always designed with the customer's starting points and needs in mind, both in terms of contents and scope.

All modules of the EMBA programme can be tailored in scope and contents to meet the specific needs of your company. Some of our past tailored programmes have included

  • Account and sales management programme: Knocking the account and sales management into shape! 
  • Functional executive group; leadership and group dynamics coaching for the executive group
  • Strategic work of executive group
  • Superior training – examining your own leadership and group/community dynamic phenomena
  • Skills management, managing teams
  • Change management
  • Networking and network management expertise
  • Sosial media: strategy and practice

It is possible to continue to the open EMBA programme after completing a tailored programme. In this case all the earned credits are transferred to the EMBA programme

We also design and deliver organisation, field and region specific EMBA programmes and strategic development programmes.

Do not hesitate to get in touch – we are more than happy to provide you with a customised solution.



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