Executive MBA – frequently asked questions

What is the Executive MBA programme?

The Executive MBA (EMBA) is an MBA programme where the modifier "Executive" reveals the nature and participants of the programme: it is a MBA programme that is designed specifically for experienced business executives.

The Executive MBA programme is:
  • Designed to be taken alongside work and is usually modular in structure
    In the Jyväskylä University Executive MBA programme we tailor each student a personal curriculum containing customised study schedules and contents.
  • Specifically designed to be applied to challenging executive work 
    The Jyväskylä University Executive MBA programme is an investment in your own and your organisation's impactful development.
  • Network of experienced participants that comprises valuable social capital
    The participants in the national EMBA programme come from different fields and industries and both from the public and private sector. They also come from different parts of Finland, although a majority of them are from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The average age of participants is 42 years.
What is the total price of the programme?

The total price of the EMBA studies is determined by the education programmes included in your personal curriculum as well as by EMBA programme fees. Please take into account that the programme fees include day conference packages (not accommodation or travel expenses). 

What kind of trainers does the programme have?

The EMBA programmes are carried out in collaboration with an wide network of experts. They include some of the most competent and interesting minds in higher education and business. The most significant expertise, however, comes from our participants, and the education is build on genuine interaction and mutual reflection.

What modes of study does the Executive MBA have?

The EMBA consists of differently themed seminars (Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Jyväskylä, Tampere), projects, case examples and readings. The programmes do not involve any exams. Instead, you constantly apply what you have learned to practice with various modes of study in order to develop your organisation and your management skills. An indispensable part of the programme is the EMBA thesis. It is a practical development project that is based on your and your organisation's starting points.

Executive MBA studies are closely linked to the strategic development of the participants' organisations with various modes of study. Are the EMBA theses and projects confidential?

Trust is a key element in all partnerships. This means, among other things, that all work forms and written reports produced for your organisation during the studies are kept strictly confidential. The material produced in the programme is not published or disclosed to a third party.

Why should I choose the Executive MBA of University of Jyväskylä?

University of Jyväskylä Executive MBA is tailored to meet individual and organisation-specific needs.
It is flexible, controlled to a great extent by the participants themselves and focused on comprehensive strategic development of their organisations. The curriculum can be updated flexibly throughout your studies.

Our programme also allows flexibility in study schedules (study time is 3-5 years) and provides an opportunity to network not only with other participants but also with the programme lecturers and experts.

Since the teaching groups change in the course of the programme, you will meet a large number of other participants who represent a wide range of different fields, experiential backgrounds and expertise. By interacting with them you will gain new points of view as well as a lot of support in your studies. The wide network of managerial expertise you build during your studies is at your disposal even after your studies.

Each EMBA student has their personal study advisor, a tutor, who acts as the closest interlocutor and support throughout their studies.